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Well we are officially moved into our new house.  
I swear I am never moving again.
It was a total murphy's law type of move. 
It started with the movers showing up 40 minutes late.  Not only were they late, but then had to leave to get the pads and blankets...said they would be back in 10 minutres..but did not return for about an hour.  We left to go to the close on our old house, and it took forever.   For some reason the bank was slow so we were there for a lot longer than planned.  Long enough that we were running VERY late to our own close on our new house.  We got lost on the way and arrived just as the woman who was doing the close was about to leave.  Lucky for us she stayed.  We almost were not able to close, because my drivers licence was expired...so for a few tense moments we thought we might be homeless until Tuesday or Wed, but the bank oke'd it and we were able to complete the paperwork, and get the keys to our new home.  At this point bot of us are starving because we have not eaten a thing all day, and exhausted because with the packing we got about 2 hrs sleep the night before.  But we can't eat because we need to race to the new house as the movers are there, and chris has to rush to get the uhaul we rented for the next day before they close.  (We needed the uhaul for Sat to get our stuff out of the storage place we had rented)  As Chris is about to leave to get the Uhaul...the mover guy tells him that 'by the way' we had to leave some of your stuff at the old house.  This is a potential problem, as anything we left we may not be able to get back as it is no longer our house.  Chris is freaking out at this point, and calls up my friend Tracy and recruits her husband to help him try to get the remaining stuff from the old house.  Luckily the kid who bought our old house is understanding when he gets there, and actually helps load our stuff on the truck.  It was not like they left a few boxes or something, they left EVERYTHING in the basement, all the outside stuff like our picnic table, and our TV in the living room, as well as several boxes.  It took the 3 of them several hours to load it all onto the truck.  We decided that at this point the movers did not get a tip...the look he gave me when I gave him the check for the exact amount was priceless.  SO it is now about 10 pm, we are some 5 hrs behind schedule and Chris pulls up to the new house and the uhaul bottoms out in the driveway and is stuck.  Despite their best efforts, they cannot get it free, so they try to unload it as best they can.  Around 1 am I made them quit for the night and sent Keith home, telling him he was forbidden to come the next day to help again.  In the morning Chris calles a tow truck and $150 and five minutes later the truck is free.  About this time the directv guy shows up, but since we didnt have anything unpacked he leaves.  The people from the appliance store also show up, but they saw the stuck uhaul and refuse to try to get up the stupid driveway, so they leave with all the appliances.  The house had nothing, no stove no fridge...nothing!  I go to call the store, and discover the phone is not working either.  Wealso notice that quite a few things are broken or damaged from the movers...never ever hire a private moving guy even if a friend highly reccomends them!!!
We start to try to unpack some of our belongings and call for reinforcements, so within an hour or so my parents, Chris mom and nephews, my Aunt and bless them Tracy and Keith show up with food and help (this being the first food chris and I eat in about 24 hours)  The guys all go to try to get the stuff from storage, and Tracy helps me clean the bathrooms and bedrooms, while my mom and aunt clean the downstairs.  Tracy also presents Chris with a copy of the kids book "my truck is stuck"
It ends up being a very long day but we get all of our belongings to the new house, adn our beds set up and things reasonably clean.  Sunday and Monday we continue to try to unpack some stuff, and call to reschedule the directv, internet, appliance delivery and get the phone fixed.  Tuesday is a flurry of activity, but by tuesday night we have appliances, groceries and tv.  Wed the phone is fixed and the internet is hooked up, but Dh messes with it so the connection is spotty for several days.
I am so glad it is over.  I still have loads of boxes to unpack, but at least we are comfortable now.  I will never move again.  EVER.

Oh and a few pics.  the babies are growing so fast!

Oh geeze! Talk about the week from hell!! Glad it's ovah!! YAY!!
Oh holy crap. Damn gf....sounds like if anything could go wrong it did. Did you like forget to say blessings to Saint Murphy or what? I moved 7 months after my back surgery, I can't imagine moving less then a month after having twins. Oy..You have my sympathies. At least you NOW have the internet. this is a good thing. What a wonderful picture of you and the kids.
madness indeed! but man what gorgeous babies!

Kiddo's got SO big I just love her grin in that first pic - wow wow wow

*huge hugs*
Wow thats just nutty!

Side note: I think Chloe has that same sweater that Abbey is wearing. With Chloe's current haircut, they'd pass for family.

The babies look super sweet there and that's the best expression I've seen on Gavin's face yet :D
Good grief! Are you sure that you didn't take all that from a 3 Stooges movie? I feel for ya girl.....I moved so many times with the military it wasn't funny. You definitely had a move from heck.