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So precious!

They're adorable! You guys grow good babies.
ty :) they are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!
That pic of Maddie I swear is a carbon copy of one of Abbey atr the same age..I need to go find it!
aww sweetie how gorgeous!!!

I envy new baby smell.
yep..if they could just bottle the new baby head smell :) its better than new car LOL
dang..look at all that hair on them :D They are even more beautiful now. Give them footsie kisses for me will ya? baby small :)
oh the feet get lots of kisses ..they are too tiny and cute! This reminds em I need footie pictures before they get too big...
and yeah the hair..splains why I was eating tums like candy the last few months! Just like Abbey...only they are more blonde than she was!
Too adorable <3
thanks :) I think so too but I am also a little biased! LOL
oh wow wow wow wow WOW!

so gorgeous

and I can't get over how much both the little ones look like Abbey!
They're just yummier than Wispa's!

*huge hugs*